Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development

Master CoDe


Academic Staff

2.1. Teaching Staff

Corvinus University of Budapest

Lecturer Specialization Function
János Ladányi Poverty, ethnicity, minorities Lecturer
György Lengyel Economic sociology of entrepreneurship, local information society Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Ferenc Moksony Statistical methods of impact assessment Lecturer
Zoltán Szántó Community development and social capital, corruption Co-coordinator, lecturer and Dissertation supervisor
Tamás Bartus Local labour market issues Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Attila Melegh Migration, globalization Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor, internship coordinator
Beáta Nagy Gender aspects of labour market and management Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
László Letenyei Methods of rural sociology, management of local development projects Dissertation supervisor, internship coordinator
Péter Futó Programme evaluation methods, entrepreneurship development policies Coordinator, lecturer, Dissertation supervisor, internship coordinator
Ágnes Havril Galibáné Language and culture in international relations Lecturer
Károly Takács Social network analysis Lecturer
Lilla Vicsek Focus group methods, gender aspect of local government Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
József Hegedüs Intergovernmental fiscal relations Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor, internship coordinator
Julianna Faludi Innovation studies, institutions, theory of the firm Lecturer

University of Ljubljana

Lecturer Specialization Function
Haček Miro Political science; Local self-government systems; Public management Coordinator of the joint program at UL; Lecturer; Dissertation Supervisor
Bučar Maja European studies; European funds; Knowledge and innovation; Economic development Lecturer
Burger Anže Econometrics; International economics Lecturer
Katja Lozar Manfreda Methodology; Statistics and Computer Data Analysis  Lecturer
Žagar Mitja Management of diversities; Ethnicity Lecturer; Course Coordinator
Roter Petra Management of diversities (Minority protection, Human rights); International relations; National minorities Lecturer
Bačlija Irena Management of diversities (Minority protection); Urban management Lecturer
Kukovič Simona Local leadership; Comparative local government systems Tutor; Dissertation Supervisor

University of Regensburg  

Lecturer Specialization Function
Moeller Joachim Labor Markets, Regional Economics, Cultural Ecomics Coordinator of the Joint Programme at UoR, Course Coordinator and Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Draschek Daniel Comparative European Ethnology Lecturer
Bichholz Wolfgang International Environmental Economics, Social Policy, Finance Lecturer
Dowling Michael Innovation and Technology Management, Strategic Management Lecturer
Huesig Stefan Innovation and Technology Management, Strategic Management Lecturer
Bierling Stephan International Politics and Policy, Transatlantic Relationships Lecturer
Brixy Udo Establishment Start-Ups; Regional Labor Markets Lecturer
Tubadji Annie Cultural Economics, Sustainable Development Tutor and Lecturer

University of Trento

Lecturer Specialization Function
Bazzana Flavio Finance Lecturer
Blokker Paulus Constitutionalism, democracy, transitino studies Lecturer,Dissertation supervisor
Cosulich Matteo Constitutional Law Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Dallago Bruno Economics, Institutions, local development Director of the School; Course Coordinator and Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Folloni Giuseppe Human Capital, Education, Earnings Labor market and informality in DCs, Urban and Regional Economics, Local Development, Methods of impact evaluation Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme, Dissaertation supervisor, Lecturer  
Iamiceli Paola Private Law Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Pederzini Elisabetta Company Law, Bankruptcy Law, Trademark Law Law Area Coordinator; Course Coordinator; Dissertation supervisor
Pegoretti Giovanni Structural Economic Dynamics; Economics of Innovation; Economic Growth and Financial Institutions; Local economic development Course Coordinator,Dissertation supervisor
Poggi Gianfranco Sociological theory;History of social and political thought; Comparative and historical sociology; Sociology of the state and law. Lecturer
Ruzza Carlo Governance and Civil Society; Interethnic relations; Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Sciortino Giuseppe Migration, social system theory Lecturer Dissertation supervisor
Simonati Anna Administrative Law Lecturer
Trevisan Italo Marketing, International Business, Cultural differences Director of the master CoDe, Area Coordinator Economics; Course coordinator and Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor
Woelk Jens Comparative Constitutional Law, Federalism and Regionalism, Minority Rights; geographical focus: South Eastern Europe Former Law Area Coordinator; Lecturer; Dissertation supervisor


2.2. Visiting scholars

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lecturer Specialization Function
John S. Akin Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Survey Data Collection and Analysis Lecturer
John McGowan Democratic theory and practice, with a special interest in civil society, social movements, and responses to pluralism, public sphere debates around race desegregation and human rights in the late 1940s Lecturer
Steven Rosefielde Soviet/Russian Economics, Comparative Western Systems, Comparative Asian Economic Systems, Transitional Economics, International Relations and Security Lecturer

Tshwane University of Technology

Lecturer Specialization Function
Jan Petrus Grundling Social enterprises and entrepreneurship in developing countries, higher education,  poverty and health, with a particular concern for HIV/AIDS Lecturer
Mario Scerri Macroeconomic (Theory and Policy), Development Economics and Microeconomics, Innovation System in developing countries Lecturer

Other Erasmus Mundus Incoming Scholars

Lecturer Specialization Function
Gary Aguiar   Lecturer
Ana Devic   Lecturer
Meredith Redlin   Lecturer

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